How Do I Clean My Blinds? Part 2 – Witch Hazel

How Do I Clean My Blinds? Part 2 – Witch Hazel


Blinds are fiddly things. Fiddly to open, fiddly to close – and downright fiddly to clean, especially in dry Park City and the Salt Lake Valley, where dust is rife. But have no fear! With our 4-part series, we’ll give you a top tip each week to clean your blinds with minimal expletives.


Witch Hazel

What is witch hazel, I hear you ask? No, it’s not a Wiccan named Hazel. Witch hazel is a natural, plant-based astringent commonly used in natural beauty products as a skin toner. It’s akin to vinegar in its disinfectant capabilities, minus the stinkitude. Unlike vinegar, however, witch hazel is non-drying, so it won’t damage your blinds. You can use it on almost any hard surface to clean, degrime and disinfect, and blinds are no different.



  • Fill a clean spray bottle with 1 cup water, 1 cup witch hazel, and a drop of Dawn dish soap. Shake well.
  • Spray liberally onto the blinds, working from the top down and in a side-to-side fashion.
  • Wipe down with Swiffer dry cloths.


And hey presto, clean blinds in a jiffy!


If you discover while you’re up to your elbows in witches and hazels that your windows really could do with a jolly good once-over at the same time, give the professionals at Stone Surface Specialists a call today at 801 856 0164. We’ll help you create the matching set of clean blinds and windows pronto.