How to Solve Park City Winter Carpet Issues – Pet Hair and Stains

How to Solve Park City Winter Carpet Issues – Pet Hair and Stains


Winter in Park City, Heber and Utah in general is a glorious time. The mountains come into their own with glittering snow-frosted vistas just begging to be played on. But while the snow and ice look like a fairytale outside, come winter your carpets start telling a different story. Tracked in snow, mud, salt and pet hair wreak havoc under your feet.


So what to do? In our four-part Park City special series, we’ll show you how to deal with Winter’s worst…..and keep your carpets plush and plump and pleasing.


This week, we’ll help you get rid of pesky pet stains.


Pets. We love ‘em. But the mess they make….not so much. Here’s our simple, 4-step process for removing salt stains from your carpets.


1 – Pour 3 percent hydrogen peroxide on the stain and cover with a white towel.

2 – Hold a hot steam iron on the towel for 15 to 20 seconds to transfer the stain to the towel.

3 – Repeat until no more stain is transferred.

4 – Cover with a clean white towel and something heavy. Leave overnight to dry.


If the marks refuse to listen to reason, it’s time to call in the big guns at Stone Surface Specialists. We’ll have your carpets spit spot (without the spots) in a jiffy. Give us a call today at 801 856 0164.