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Will Acid Stains Permanently Change Concrete’s Color?

Will Acid Stains Permanently Change Concrete’s Color?

February 5, 2020 Luci Carrillo Comments Off

Will Acid Stains Permanently Change Concrete’s Color?

Stand clear, all commitment-phobes! Yes, acid stain will be permanent, so choose your colors wisely, and think long-term, not just what’s in fashion this season. That royal blue concrete finish that looked so lovely in your home magazine may well make you want to gouge your own eyes out in a year or two.

This isn’t to say that the color of acid stain can’t be changed… but only by professional application of another color over the top. Acid stain is a fantastic way to change the color of your concrete, and part of the appeal of its permanence is the fact that the color won’t fade or wear down over time, making it a great long-term choice.

Stone Surface Specialists have been acid-staining concrete for decades – we know what colors consistently hold their appeal and which should be avoided like the plague. We can show you examples of different colors and do a color test spot for you so you can see how a potential color may look on your concrete. 

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