How Should I Choose And Maintain Wood Countertops?

How Should I Choose And Maintain Wood Countertops?

So you’ve planned your kitchen layout, you know you want those gorgeous cabinets with the ultra-sleek handles – but now you have to choose a countertop and you’re stuck. How do you decide which countertop material will look most beautiful in your new kitchen and will work best with your lifestyle? In our easy guide, we’ll talk about the top countertop materials from the expert’s perspective, and help you decide which is right for you.

Today we’re looking at ever-popular and beautiful wood.

Price: $20-$150+ a square foot, depending on quality, source and uniqueness

Pros: Butcher block (strips of wood glued together) and solid woods (teak, walnut, etc) lend a rich, rustic look. You can cut directly on butcher block as long as it’s not varnished.

Cons: Easily scorched, scratched and damaged by water. It’s better suited to secondary spots (islands, breakfast bars, etc). If you cut on the surface, the marks will show. Requires sealing with a food-safe mineral oil every three to six months.

How To Clean It: Wipe up spills with a paper towel. Clean with soap and water. To avoid scratches, scrape away dried matter with a flexible spatula.

Wood countertops can be finicky to maintain. If you need a professional rescue, give Stone Surface Specialists a call today on 801 856 0164 to schedule your FREE wood consultation and sealing.