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Quartzite and Quartz: These two words sound almost the same and there are some similarities between the two products, but they are definitely not the same thing. There are more differences than there

March 30, 2023 Comments Off

When was the first known stone polishing done? Stone polishing has been done since the beginning of civilization. Egyptian workers used sand and other rough materials to polish the surfaces of statues and

February 27, 2023 Comments Off

Staining vs Etching on Natural Stone Sometimes, things may look the same, but in reality, they are 2 completely different things. This can sometimes be the case with staining and etching on natural

January 27, 2023 Comments Off

By Frederick M. Hueston Do you have a stone pool deck and are wondering how to maintain it? Do you need to seal it? How do you deal with stains? The following will

December 29, 2022 Comments Off

We may need to change how we think about natural stone Most of the time, when people think about natural stone, what comes to mind is building facades, countertops, shower surrounds, floors, and

November 25, 2022 Comments Off

In all phases of life, different products come and go. Some are good, some are not. The one thing they all have in common is that every product, no matter what it is,

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Times change, trends change. In the recent past, laminate was the countertop of choice. Over time, that trend gave way to natural stone, like granite, soapstone, or marble. Then quartz came along and

October 7, 2022 Comments Off

[This article was originally published in October of 2018] Kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, bar tops, and the like can be prone to staining because they are exposed to oily or dye-containing substances

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Are cultured marble and real marble the same thing? Cultured marble and real marble sound the same, but they are two completely different things. Each one is created differently. They are fabricated differently,

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Fissures vs Cracks Natural stone, granite, marble, quartzite, etc., is made by, well, nature. Man has nothing to do with it. We just quarry it, sell it, and put it where clients want


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