Can Granite Stain?

Can Granite Stain?

Generally, no. But it’s not impossible or unheard of. How’s that for an irritatingly vague answer?!

All stone is porous to some extent, but granite, as a rule, has very low porosity. That being said, certain colors of granite may absorb moisture more easily than others.

For example, a puddle of water taking its sweet time to evaporate on certain colors of granite may leave a dark spot when the water is finally wiped away. 

Usually, all evidence of the liquid evaporates with the moisture, but not always. Because of this margin of uncertainty, a penetrating sealer is highly recommended for all granite after installation. Each piece of stone is unique and some pieces are more porous than others, so it is important to seal your granite to save it from icky stains from oil, wine or other liquids.

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