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How Do I Fix A Crack In My Concrete Countertop?

How Do I Fix A Crack In My Concrete Countertop?

November 20, 2019 Surface Care PROS Support Comments Off

How Do I Fix A Crack In My Concrete Countertop?

Concrete does not have its own star on the Hollywood Periodic Table, as it’s made up of lots of different ingredients, including good ol’ H2O. 

Even though your concrete may be hard to the touch, it actually continues to cure for an epically long time after it’s been poured, hardened and installed in your kitchen. Even while you’re banging your pots and pans around on its tough surface, it’s still curing and getting harder. This natural curing process means the different elements that make up the concrete shift around microscopically and occasionally results in hairline cracks on the surface as the shuffling around down below becomes too much for the concrete to maintain its perfect-looking surface. 

These hairline cracks are rarely structural or anything to worry about. On the contrary – they add to the character and unique look of your concrete. 

If you really hate the cracks, are worried they may be structural or would like to emphasize them with a spot of fabulously fancy color, give the experts at Stone & Surface Specialists a call at 801 856 0164. We’ll be over in a jiffy to inspect your concrete with our special X-ray vision microscope. Just kidding – we’ll inspect it with good ol’ skill and experience, all you need to ‘cure’ your concrete challenges.

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