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How To Remove Tea Stains From Cotton Sofas

How To Remove Tea Stains From Cotton Sofas

September 20, 2018 Luci Carrillo Comments Off

How To Remove Tea Stains From Cotton Sofas

The leaves are turning and an early morning chill is in the air….it’s finally time for Fall! And you know what Fall means…..tea! And you know what tea means…..spills! (Did you see that coming a mile off??) Tea stains are ubiquitous with the season, but if you’ve inadvertently anointed your sofa with the Nectar of the Gods, have no fear – follow our simple guide to tea-stain eradication and you’ll be back to sipping serenity in no time.

Firstly, if your sofa is a synthetic material or ANYTHING other than cotton, don’t try messing with the mark yourself – it’s time to call in the professionals. We don’t say this lightly – synthetic materials respond differently to natural fibers and your innocent efforts to reclaim your sofa could easily result in anguish. Call the Utah experts at Stone Surface Specialists immediately to schedule your professional cleaning.

If, however, your sofa is cotton or another natural fiber (or should we say ‘fibre’?), spray the tea stain with a vinegar mix (one teaspoon of white vinegar in one liter of water) and allow to sit for ten minutes. Then simply blot and rinse well with plenty of fresh water, before washing removable cotton covers as normal. Be sure to air-dry (you only make the mistake of tumble drying cotton sofa covers once!).

If the stain stubbornly persists, it’s time to call in the pros at Stone Surface Specialists – call us today at 801 856 0164.

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