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Is It Possible For Granite To Crack?


Is It Possible For Granite To Crack?

October 23, 2019 Luci Carrillo Comments Off

Is It Possible For Granite To Crack?

Put enough pressure on a human and they’re bound to crack at some point. Not so with tough and beautiful granite – at least, not with ordinary use. Granite is actually most susceptible to cracks during shipping and installation – in other words, some serious bashing around. 

Normal use will not overstress this mellow but almightily tough material. (Normal use does not, however, include dancing on the counter tops!)

If you’ve been a bit too gung-ho with a hammer and lobster combo and have managed to sustain injuries to your granite, give Stone Surface Specialists a call at 801 856 0164. We’ll be over in a jiffy to remedy the situation and have you dancing on the countertops again in no time! 

Or not, as the case may be.

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