Should I Vacuum My Carpet After It Is Professionally Cleaned?

Should I Vacuum My Carpet After It Is Professionally Cleaned?


This is a great question, and one not many people think of. We’re always for vacuuming! It restores the pile of your carpet, keeps it clean and smelling pleasant, and removes potential staining agents. And who doesn’t love those ‘just-vacuumed’ tracks the vacuum cleaner leaves behind? Ooo makes you feel so good inside…..


That being said, although vacuuming post-professional-clean is not strictly necessary, there are a couple of big benefits if you do decide to.


Firstly, as carpet dries after being deep cleaned, it can sometimes wick up dirt that was too deep to reach from the base of the carpet to its surface. Vacuuming when the carpet is completely dry removes this last bit of dirt and ensures your carpet lasts even longer until its next deep clean.


Secondly, professional cleaning involves getting the carpet thoroughly wet with cleaning agents and then sucking most of them back out again – the remainder being left to airdry. This can affect how the pile of the carpet lays; vacuuming soon after the carpet is dry restores the pile to its plump, fully-fluffed state, giving you better-looking, softer carpet to walk on.


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