What’s an etch and how do I remove it?

One of the most common calls we get are for etches on marble or other natural stone. People don’t always refer to it as an etch, though. They may call it a water spot or ring, or think a light stain has occurred on their stone.

Generally, we tell customers if they have an etch on their polished marble that is very light, meaning no roughness is detected by touching the area with their fingertips, they can try to polish it themselves with a good quality Etch Remover/Marble Polishing Compound. (Find it at StonecareCentral.com.)

However, if the etch is more severe or is large, a professional restoration will be needed. We can polish the area, much like a jeweler polishes a fine gem.

An Ounce of Prevention…

To prevent etching remember that marble will respond with acidic liquids. Take a moment to visit our Caring For It page and download our Stone and Tile Care Guide for some great preventive tips and other care information.