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3 Big Mistakes Concrete Countertop Owners Make – And How YOU Can Avoid Them

3 Big Mistakes Concrete Countertop Owners Make – And How YOU Can Avoid Them

January 15, 2020 Luci Carrillo Comments Off

3 Big Mistakes Concrete Countertop Owners Make – And How YOU Can Avoid Them

Okay, listen up, folks. Concrete police speaking. We see so many avoidable disasters with concrete countertops, we simply HAD to give you these three concrete no-no’s to save you the tears and hand-wringing. 

•Acids. Never put anything acidic on your concrete countertops, sealed or not. Acidic foods and chemicals chomp away at your glorious concrete, leaving it dull and stained, and eroding its natural Superman-strength. So that means no squirting lemon juice willy-nilly, no vigorous scrubbing with earth-friendly (concrete-kryptonite) vinegar, and no harsh acidic cleaning chemicals within eyeshot of your precious concrete.

•Dampitude. Make sure your concrete is bone-dry before sealing it, if you’re doing it yourself. Liquids tend to soak into the concrete’s porous surface and once it’s sealed, that liquid is going to be banging on the ceiling to get out. And creating some nasty marks and staining in the process. Or a sneaky, get-out-of-jail-free tip: have Stone Surface Specialists seal your countertops for you. We are professionals (if we do say so ourselves!) and will make sure no such disaster comes within sniffing distance of your concrete.

•Product labels. We’ve all had those crazy afternoons in the kitchen – canning everything in sight, baking a layer cake so high it gives the Eiffel Tower a run for its money, stringing a million teeny appetizers onto cocktail sticks – the countertops get wet from water being thrown around, wine gets dripped everywhere, flour and sugar form sandy beaches at various intervals – and boxes of ingredients get left haphazardly where they’re dropped. A normal state of affairs when cooking up a storm. However, disaster will strike if that box of flour gets left on top of a trail of water dripped from the kitchen sink. Product labels have a nasty habit of interacting with water and deciding to disengage from the box they were meant to spend eternity with, and reattaching themselves (rather firmly) to your concrete countertop, leaving you a perfect imprint of the flour box to scrub off over a twenty minute period. Take a tip from us and keep the boxes separate from the damp sprinklings – it will take you a few seconds to mop up any spilled liquids, but ages to scrub off naughty product labels determined to decorate your kitchen.

So there we have it – our top three tips for avoiding certain doom and disaster with your concrete countertops! Okay, maybe it’s not QUITE as dramatic as all that, but they’ll save you an awful lot of time and grumbling,.

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