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April 14, 2020 Comments Off

Is It Possible To Use Water-Based Color Stains at Altitude On Concrete? Yes!  At Stone Surface Specialists, we adore using water-based stains on concrete. If you want to go beyond the subtle drama

April 7, 2020 Comments Off

How Do I Clean Ceramic Tiles? ‘Spring Cleaning’. A term beloved by anti-social little moles who live in the far-distant hedgerows of Great Britain, and few others. Spring-cleaning conjures up all kinds of

April 1, 2020 Comments Off

How Can I Green Clean My Tile Grout With No Chemicals? In our modern era of specialist chemicals, it can be very tempting to just bleach the living daylights out of any stain

March 25, 2020 Comments Off

How Can I Clean Remove Chewing Gum From Concrete? Has a cluster of errant teenagers swarmed through and attacked your beautiful concrete driveway with bits of partially-chewed tree sap? Chewing gum has to

March 18, 2020 Comments Off

How Can I Clean Remove Bird Poop Feces From Concrete? What is it with birds and target practice?? They always seem to know which car has been freshly washed, which person would be

March 11, 2020 Comments Off

How Can I Clean Remove Blood From Concrete? Ew. This is clearly not a pleasant job at the best of times – and if you have blood on your concrete chances are it’s

March 4, 2020 Comments Off

Is Polishing Acid-Stained Concrete Possible? Yes, acid stained concrete can be polished. Acid-staining is a permanent change to your concrete so even the grinding involved in polishing will not remove the color. Hooray!

February 26, 2020 Comments Off

How Should I Care For My Gorgeous Granite Countertop? Granite is a truly beautiful stone. Dark and mysterious with glittery depths, bright and sparkling with inner warmth – whatever color your granite is,

February 18, 2020 Comments Off

Can Granite Really Be Damaged? Despite its tough appearance, like any solid surface, if you hit it hard enough and with the right object you can damage granite. For example, because of its

February 12, 2020 Comments Off

Will Park City and Heber’s Altitude Affect My Concrete? Simply put, yes, it can.  Even when it appears dry and is solid enough to walk on, concrete continues to cure for quite some


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