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How Can I Clean Remove Chewing Gum From Concrete?

How Can I Clean Remove Chewing Gum From Concrete?

March 25, 2020 Luci Carrillo Comments Off

How Can I Clean Remove Chewing Gum From Concrete?

Has a cluster of errant teenagers swarmed through and attacked your beautiful concrete driveway with bits of partially-chewed tree sap? Chewing gum has to be one of the most annoying substances created by so-called intelligent humans. It sticks to everything you wish it wouldn’t, and then won’t get off the things you wish it would. 

Removing chewing gum from a concrete path or driveway is a bothersome chore, but it needn’t send you running for your blowtorch. There will be some scrubbing involved, and a bucketload of patience, but with the help of our four-part guide, you’ll have your concrete ungummed faster than you can say ‘brush-your-teeth-and-use-mouthwash’.

Step 1 – Dry Up the Gum

Before you can get rid of the gum, it needs to be as dry and brittle as possible. While it is still soft, it’ll stick to almost anything with ready determination, so you will have to begin by freezing it. Use an ice cube to make the gum cold, or try a freeze-dry aerosol cans (you can find one at most automotive stores). This will make the gum solid for long enough to quickly scrape it off. You may have to freeze the spot more than once to get rid of all the gum.

Step 2 – Scrape the Top

Once you’ve achieved dry and brittle status, you can dislodge the gum from the concrete with a putty knife. Chisel away at the edge of the gum until it starts to come loose; the rest should then come up fairly easily. You may need to repeat the initial ice-cube step a few times in order to keep the gum hard enough to scrape. 

Step 3 – Wipe up the Rest

A little WD-40 on your tools will help exponentially with this next step. Spray WD-40 directly onto the gum, and allow it to sink in for a minute or two. You should then be able to use the putty knife to scrape away the remaining gum. Be sure to dispose of the gum carefully once it has all been removed – wrap it up in a piece of paper towel and discard. The last thing you want is for your carefully scraped-up gum to reattach itself mercilessly to a neighboring patch of concrete!

Step 4 – Clean Off the Concrete

To remove any sunk-in residue, take a small pot of vinegar and coat the area where the gum was. Scrub the vinegar into the spot with an old toothbrush to dissolve any remaining gum particles. Leave the vinegar for about five minutes, and then scrub over again using some water.

When you’re completely finished, you can clear away any remaining chemicals or vinegar using a pressure washer (or even an enthusiastic garden hose) to hose down the driveway or sidewalk.

If you’re still struggling to remove stubborn gum, or if the above seems too daunting to attempt, give the experts at Stone Surface Specialists a call at 801 856 0164. We’ll have you de-gummed in a jiffy!

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