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October 29, 2015 Comments Off

What’s the difference between marble and granite? Other than their looks? I hear you ask. Yes – marble and granite are about as similar as chalk and cheese. Cheese?! I hear you protest

October 22, 2015 Comments Off

Why does stone always feel cold? Have you ever wondered why your kitchen floor and countertops always feel cold, no matter how hot it is in the house? Well, as you are by

October 1, 2015 Comments Off

Okay, listen up, folks. Concrete police speaking. We see so many avoidable disasters with concrete countertops, we simply HAD to give you these three concrete no-no’s to save you the tears and hand-wringing.

August 10, 2015 Comments Off

It’s possible your marble countertops may need sealing – it depends on your unique piece of stone. Marble is a natural material, and each piece of marble is unique from every other on the planet,


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