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Do I need to seal my marble countertops?

Do I need to seal my marble countertops?

August 10, 2015 Luci Carrillo Comments Off

It’s possible your marble countertops may need sealing – it depends on your unique piece of stone. Marble is a natural material, and each piece of marble is unique from every other on the planet, which is one the reasons it is so beautiful and desirable. This uniqueness also means that no two pieces of marble will have the same qualities of absorbency. Even if all marble came from the same quarry, each piece would be similar but still unique.

Natural stone is generally porous, but not always, and to differing degrees. If your piece of marble is not porous, it will not take a penetrating sealer. If a piece of stone cannot absorb anything, even an impregnating sealer will not be able to sink in. Impregnating sealers sit below the surface of the stone and coat its minerals to protect the stone from harmful outside chemicals and liquids. However, the good news is, if a sealer won’t penetrate your marble, neither will a stain.

The only way to be sure is to have a specialist look at and test your unique piece of marble. The ideal time to do this is right after your stone has been installed – if it is a porous piece, Stone Surface Specialists Utah will be able to seal and protect it for you right from the get-go. If your marble’s surface has been damaged because it was never sealed, we will be able to repair that for you and seal it against future damage. Call us today to schedule your expert stone assessment – 801 856  0164


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