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February 5, 2020 Comments Off

Will Acid Stains Permanently Change Concrete’s Color? Stand clear, all commitment-phobes! Yes, acid stain will be permanent, so choose your colors wisely, and think long-term, not just what’s in fashion this season. That royal

January 29, 2020 Comments Off

Can Granite Be Scratched? Considering knives in ancient times were MADE of stone, that gives us some idea of the incredible strength and durability of granite. Stone is usually stronger than metals –

January 23, 2020 Comments Off

How Are Marble and Granite Different? Other than their looks? I hear you ask. Yes – marble and granite are about as similar as chalk and cheese. Cheese?! I hear you protest –

January 15, 2020 Comments Off

3 Big Mistakes Concrete Countertop Owners Make - And How YOU Can Avoid Them Okay, listen up, folks. Concrete police speaking. We see so many avoidable disasters with concrete countertops, we simply HAD

January 8, 2020 Comments Off

Why Does Stone Feel Colder Than Its Surroundings? Ever wondered why your kitchen floor and countertops always feel cold, no matter how hot it is in the house? Well, as you are by

January 2, 2020 Comments Off

Why Is My Floor Cracked At Regular Intervals? Oooh I do love fascinating physics questions like this! Yes, I did say 'physics' - but don't fall asleep quite yet! The answer to this

December 23, 2019 Comments Off

What Does It Mean If Stone Is Honed? So many fancy terms…..! Granite, marble, or limestone that is honed has a matte or satin finish, rather than a high reflective polish. One feature of

December 19, 2019 Comments Off

Can Granite Stain? Generally, no. But it’s not impossible or unheard of. How’s that for an irritatingly vague answer?! All stone is porous to some extent, but granite, as a rule, has very

December 12, 2019 Comments Off

Is There A Difference Between Cement and Concrete? Nerd alert! A pet peeve that really gets under my concrete-dusted skin is when people use the terms ‘concrete’ and ‘cement’ interchangeably. As in ‘I

December 4, 2019 Comments Off

Why Does My Granite Countertop Have Holes In It? Granite has a crystalline structure (ooo, very Star Trek!) and so always has tiny pits. These are simply spaces or air pockets between the


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