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Can Granite Be Burned? Great question – the simple answer is no….and yes. Allow me to elaborate (in both a fascinating and concise fashion).  Because it began life as liquid magma deep within

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How Do I Fix A Crack In My Concrete Countertop? Concrete does not have its own star on the Hollywood Periodic Table, as it’s made up of lots of different ingredients, including good

November 11, 2019 Comments Off

4 Big Mistakes Marble Owners Make, and How You Can Avoid Them It used to be that owning marble countertops or floors was a serious commitment and required an eagle eye to watch

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Can The Stain Color On My Finished Concrete Be Changed? In a word, probably. There are basically two types of stain available for concrete, reactive and nonreactive. Reactive stain (also called acid stain)

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What Makes Clinker Special? Simply put, it’s limestone and clay (or another alumino-silicate substance) that have been bashed into tiny bits and then super-heated so they form a lifelong bond with each other.

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Is It Possible For Granite To Crack? Put enough pressure on a human and they’re bound to crack at some point. Not so with tough and beautiful granite - at least, not with

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Can All Concrete Floors Be Polished? Pretty much! Concrete is a fantastically durable material and nearly all concrete floors will look and feel much better from the beauty and durability of polishing. That

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How To Green-Clean My Grout With No Chemicals It can be done, but prepare yourself for some serious elbow grease…. Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda 1   First, get rid of surface dirt

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How Do I Fix A Giant Chip In My Tile Floor? Have no fear, the Specialists are here! Or will be, as soon as you give us a call! This is one of

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Should I Replace My Grout? Aarrgh! There’s some sort of weird hairy blackish growth on the grout in my shower! Disaster! Panic! Certain impending doom! Well, maybe it’s not quite THAT dramatic. The


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