Can I Walk On My Carpets While They’re Damp?

Can I Walk On My Carpets While They’re Damp?


Okay, so you absolutely MUST get to the bathroom. So how do you get across your carpets without upsetting them? Oooo you’re gonna love this solution – it’s easy, cheap AND helps the environment (sort of)!


Grocery bags! I kid you not, plastic grocery bags are a godsend for dealing with damp carpets. Put them on over your socks (or even over your shoes if you’re dashing in and dashing out) and tie the handles around your ankles. Leave a clutch of them by your front door so everyone can wear the latest designer fashion footwear around your drip-dry home.


Grocery bags are brilliant for this purpose – they work like snowshoes for carpet, distributing your weight somewhat so the carpet doesn’t get compressed in its damp state, while protecting the damp fibers from any dirt on your socks or shoes. Plus you can get around your house! Yay!

One important thing to note if you’re going to try this suggestion – plastic grocery bags are SLIPPY! So make sure you move slowly and hold on to something stable as you move around, especially if you have to get down stairs.


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