What Should I Do If My Carpet Gets Wet? Big Spills

What Should I Do If My Carpet Gets Wet? Big Spills

Disaster has struck! A pipe burst and your carpet got sopping wet! Or someone spilled a bucket of water all over the carpet! What to do?? In our two-part series, we’ll walk you through how to do with water spills, large and small, on carpet.

How To Deal With Big Water Spills

It’s pretty stressful, although not uncommon during our Utah winters, when one of your pipes bursts or starts leaking, especially if there is carpet involved. But follow our simple steps as quickly as possible to protect your carpet from mold and replacement.

Remove water as quickly as possible.
This might seem obvious, but if at all possible, don’t leave it to the air alone to do the job of drying out your carpet. If the water is sitting above the surface of the carpet, get a cup and bucket and remove as much water as you can by hand. Then use absorbent towels to sop up as much as you can of the rest.

Use fans to speed up carpet drying process.
You can usually rent commercially powerful fans from Home Depot or similar, but just a regular household fan will help to keep the increasingly damp air moving.

Use a dehumidifier to dry out the room.
Even a small one will help. Rent a larger, more powerful dehumidifier if possible.

Steam clean carpet and flooring.
Stone Surface Specialists to the rescue! Our specialist carpet cleaning machines don’t just get carpet wet to clean them – they also contain extremely powerful vacuums specifically designed to suck water out of carpet fibers. These alone will be able to remove a lot of the excess water from your carpets. Plus there’s the added advantage of us being able to then actually clean your carpets, which further reduces the chances of mold spores surviving.

Sanitize walls and baseboards to remove mold spores.

Check furniture and remove to air dry in another location if necessary.
Leaving damp table legs in contact with damp carpet will just cause both to degrade faster, through either mold, rot or damp-damage. Separating them to dry separately will speed up the whole process and potentially save both.

When you’ve done all the above, give the professionals at Stone Surface Specialists a call at 801 856 0164. We are experts in disaster remediation for more than just your carpets, and will be at your home in a jiffy to rescue you from damp-related doom.