How Do I Remove Goatheads From My Carpet?

How Do I Remove Goatheads From My Carpet?


Goatheads, aka Tribulus Terrestris (and quite the terrestris it is too!), are the plague of the Salt Lake Valley and Park City. They are a pain, literally and metaphorically. They get everywhere, stick to everything and poke holes in everything (usually in feet, their favorite). And heaven help you if they get into your carpet. Yikes, they’re like the devilish little villains in Disney movies who leap out and bite you when you least expect it. Only these particular little villains get lodged deeper into your carpet every time you tread on them, making it increasingly more difficult to extract them.


So what to do? Is it possible to poke these little sneakies out of their cosy carpet-nests and give them the heave-ho (translation: get rid of them)? Why yes, it is!


If the nasty little pokies have been newly-tramped into your home on the feet of some unsuspecting guest, they will be at their easiest to remove right away. Grab a sticky de-linting roller or a long piece of very sticky tape and press it onto the goatheads to pick them up and throw them away easily. You can also chase them around on hands and knees with a pair of tweezers and a piece of kitchen paper, if you’re feeling particularly thorough.


If the little devils have nestled their way into your carpet fibers, it’ll be slightly trickier to pry them out. If you know roughly where they are, you can ferret them out again with a pair of tweezers. Just be careful to only kneel on a patch of carpet you know to be safe, lest you end up with nasty knee pokies!


Once you’ve extracted what you believe to be all of them, run over the area slowly with a strong vacuum cleaner, making sure to run it over the same area from multiple angles to make sure you collect any spines that broke off the original goathead.


If the goatheads are firmly entrenched or you just want to make extra sure they’re eradicated, it’s time to call in the professionals. Give Stone Surface Specialists a call today on 801 856 0164 – our powerful carpet vacuums will suck the little suckers up in no time, restoring instant peace of mind (and flesh) to you and your feet.