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Should I Use A Particular Color Acid Stain For My Exterior Concrete? This may seem like a bit of a strange question - surely ALL colors would be equal for use outdoors? And

September 12, 2019 Comments Off

Does Acid-Stained Concrete Fade With Time? No, the vibrancy and color tone in acid stains do not fade.  However, the physical top layer of concrete which contains the stain can be worn away

September 4, 2019 Comments Off

What Makes Basalt Special? Fun fact: granite is unique to planet Earth, whereas its interstellar sister, basalt, can be found on Earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Basalt cools relatively quickly in its journey

August 28, 2019 Comments Off

Will Acid Stain Permanently Change The Color of Concrete? Yes, acid stain is a permanent change.  It’s not like staining your wooden deck and having to re-do it every few years. The color

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Can You Use An Acid Stain Color On Concrete Kitchen Countertops? Yes indeedy! Acid stain is often used on concrete countertops to add personality and style, and to coordinate the countertops with the

August 13, 2019 Comments Off

How Do I Fix A Chip In My Acid-Stained Concrete Countertop? Have no fear – help is here! If you’ve managed to get a chip in your gorgeous colored concrete countertop, leaving an

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How To Remove Hard Water Spots From Glass  It’s happened to all of us – you’ve just had the windows cleaned and the children turn the hose on and helpfully spray the windows

August 1, 2019 Comments Off

Is Glass A Stone? Okay, so I’ve had a few questions about this – ‘I thought Stone Surface Specialists only worked with stone – glass isn’t really a stone.’ Well. Since this is

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What Makes Obsidian Stone Special? Obsidian is a really cool form of naturally-occurring volcanic glass, formed as an extrusive igneous rock (a really fancypants term for lava that shoots out of a volcano

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Should I Use An Acid Stain Color On My Concrete? So you want to color your concrete? Goody, we’re rolling up our sleeves as we speak! There are several different types of concrete


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