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Spring Cleaning Floor Tips – Vinyl

Spring Cleaning Floor Tips – Vinyl

June 1, 2017 Luci Carrillo Comments Off

Spring Cleaning Floor Tips – Vinyl

‘Spring cleaning’. The term conjures up all kinds of images: clean, uncluttered surfaces and storage areas, strange little headscarfs that only come out from the drawer once a year, overwhelming top-to-toe cleaning sessions. And that’s just the kitchen! Your floors need special treatment too. Whether you have wood, tile, carpet, or vinyl, there are some easy floor treatments that will help you restore your floor to tippety-top condition. In our four-part spring cleaning series, we’ll share with you some of our top tips and secrets from getting your floors Spring-ready in a jiffy!

Vinyl Floors

  • Sweep the entire floor with a broom. Be sure to get into the corners and along the edges.
  • The method you use for cleaning will depend on how dirty the floor is. Use a mop or a rag with one of the following floor treatments.
    • For a vinyl floor that is pretty new or just doesn’t get a lot of use, a mixture of half hot water, and half ammonia would work fine.
    • Heavily soiled vinyl flooring will need something that will remove the dirt a little better, but that will be mild enough on the vinyl, such as dish detergent and hot water.
    • Isopropyl alcohol and water is needed to break up waxy or greasy build up.
    • A damp cloth with a drop of paint thinner should remove scuff marks.
  • Rinse the entire floor with straight hot water.


If the thought of wielding a mop or steaming machine makes you break out in a cold sweat, give the professionals at Stone Surface Specialists a call at 801 856 0164. We’ll have your floors spruced up for you in a jiffy, with not a mop-bucket in sight!

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