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Can Granite Really Be Damaged?

Can Granite Really Be Damaged?

February 18, 2020 Luci Carrillo Comments Off

Can Granite Really Be Damaged?

Despite its tough appearance, like any solid surface, if you hit it hard enough and with the right object you can damage granite. For example, because of its crystalline structure, it can chip if subjected to blunt force trauma from a sharp hard object. 

But granite is a tough cookie, and you shouldn’t need to tiptoe around it just because it has a soft underbelly. It is also entirely possible to repair damage – a chip can be filled with a granite dust and epoxy mixture and blended with the existing surface until the repair is indistinguishable from the original surface. 

I realize this may sound suspiciously like mixing pixie dust with a magic potion – and if you get your proportions wrong you run the risk of ending up with one messed-up fairy. This is obviously not a task to be attempted by anyone less than an experienced professional– unless you don’t mind weird-looking, discolored patches in your glorious granite surface.

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