Can Any Concrete Floor Be Polished?

Can Any Concrete Floor Be Polished?

Pretty much! Concrete is a fantastically durable material and nearly all concrete floors will look and feel much better from the beauty and durability of polishing.

That being said, polishing is different to staining and/or sealing concrete. Polishing simply refers to the act of grinding down the surface of the concrete and buffing it to a high shine. There are no chemicals added, so it is still exactly the same concrete as before, just smoother and shinier.

Floors which are saturated with or constantly exposed to oil, or are in environments with regular exposure to acids, are probably not ideal candidates for polishing. You could still polish this type of concrete floor – just know that it will need a LOT more maintenance to keep it looking uniformly polished.

Even concrete floors with radiant heat installed (a fabulous idea, by the way!) are usually good candidates for polishing; the radiant heat is usually installed 4″ below the surface of the concrete, so it should be fine as long as you double-check the consistent depth of the radiant heat before you let loose on the surface.

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