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Can I use a steam machine to clean my windows?

Can I use a steam machine to clean my windows?

April 6, 2017 Luci Carrillo Comments Off

Can I use a steam machine to clean my windows?

Yes! At Stone Surface Specialists, we love using steam to clean all kinds of surfaces. Steam cleaning is one of the quickest and easiest ways to clean windows without harsh or irritating chemicals. It’s safe for children, pets and allergic-adults, and the steam vapor easily removes winter buildup, grease, oil and fingerprints from dirty windows. Because steam cleaning doesn’t need detergents, chemicals or fancypants window-cleaning products, there’s no chance of having to wrestle with a window streaked with cleaning agents. Steam cleaning also sanitizes and kills most household germs. Bonus!


Park City, Heber and the Salt Lake City Valley get more than their fair share of gunk buildup on windows over the winter. Here’s our suggestion for steam-cleaning your own windows. If the whole process gets you all steamed up, give the experts at Stone Surface Specialists a call at 801 856 0164 – we’ll steam right over to your rescue!


1 Fill the steam cleaning machine with water to the marked level on the machine’s holding tank. Plug in the machine to allow the water to heat up and become vapor.


2 Hold the steam cleaning wand in your hand. Pull the trigger or push the button to activate the steam. This is the exciting bit!


3 As the steam vapor pours out of the wand, run it across the window’s width. This loosens any ickiness on the window’s surface. Work down the window until you have fully cleaned and sanitized it with steam.


4 Using a soft, clean, dry, microfiber cloth, immediately wipe the window down, starting at the top and working down horizontally. If your cloth becomes too wet, use a new dry cloth. Continue wiping the window until it is dry.


5 Repeat with the outside of the window.


And hey presto, you’ve steamed to the finish with sparkling clean windows! If you meet any issues, give the professionals at Stone Surface Specialists a call on 801 856 0164.

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