Do I Really Need to Be Concerned About Hard Water Spots?

Do I Really Need to Be Concerned About Hard Water Spots?

In a word, yes.

It may seem innocent enough – after all, it’s only water, right? While that might have been true when your lovely clear windows first got splattered, water is not the problem-child here – it’s the stuff it leaves behind after the water evaporates.

Hard water is full of minerals which in solution form don’t cause any noticeable damage. But remove the solution (or water), and those same minerals (which are really teeny tiny crystalline structures with lots of microscopic poky edges) start to rub and burrow their way against and into surfaces, particularly a porous surface like glass.

Over time, this burrowing leaves your glass etched and foggy, with the only solution being to grind down the glass to an un-etched layer (not really practical with windows) or to replace the glass altogether (rather expensive).

The quick and easy solution is to have your windows cleaned regularly by a professional to have these mineral deposits removed before they can cause any ‘pane’ (sorry, pun TOTALLY intended!).

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