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Does Granite Burn?

Does Granite Burn?

January 8, 2016 Luci Carrillo Comments Off

Can Granite Burn?

Great question – the simple answer is no….and yes. Allow me to elaborate (in both a fascinating and concise fashion).

Because it began life as liquid magma deep within the Earth, and over millions of years is cooled and compressed, it has a natural resistance to heat damage.

Unlike many other natural materials that need protection from hot pots and pans to avoid messing with their gorgeous finish, heat does not damage granite. Even pots and pans heated to a sweltering 900 degrees will not cause any damage to its lustrous finish. You could even attack it with a blow torch and it wouldn’t leave a single blemish (I’m not suggesting you try it – allow us to wield the power tools in your behalf!).

However, while it is generally safe to briefly set hot cookware directly on top of your countertops, there are other consequences that you may not have thought of.

Epoxy Resin Sealants

If your glorious granite has been treated with epoxy resin sealants, it’s possible the epoxy may soften with exposure to high temperatures. While the epoxy sealant will soon resolidify once the surface temperature cools, if it gets knocked around while it’s in a more liquidy state, it may cause cosmetic damage that you’d rather avoid.

Burns (of a more personal nature)

As a natural stone, granite, especially the darker varieties, retains heat spectacularly well. Placing a flaming-hot pan directly onto a counter will heat the surface, which the granite will gratefully drink in and hold on to for dear life. So would you if you were always verging on chilly. If you or yours then go and touch this hot spot, serious ouch will likely ensue. And because the stone’s color doesn’t change when it’s sweltering, you’d have no warning that the surface could be potentially dangerous. So if you do decide to put hot stuff on your granite, remember to put orange hazard cones around the toasty bits.

Thermal Shock

When heat is applied to a cold surface, the rapid shift in molecules as they scramble to get out of the way can cause cracks, and over time may result in your lovely granite resembling the Earth’s tectonic plates.


Placing a hot pan directly onto an improperly sealed countertop can result in oily stains, especially if the bottom surface of the pan is dirty. While the pan may look clean, metals in the pan can react with the burner, causing a residue that may stain.

All the more reason to make sure your beautiful granite is properly sealed. Give Stone Surface Specialists a call today at 801 856 0164 to schedule your free granite-sealant-checking appointment.

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