Help! There’s A Chip In My Acid-Stained Countertop!

Help! There’s a Chip In My Acid-Stained Concrete Countertop!
Have no fear – help is here!
If you’ve managed to get a chip in your gorgeous colored concrete countertop, leaving an ugly gray pit against your beautiful stain, Stone Surface Specialists will fix it right up for you!
Acid stain only colors the tippy-top layer of concrete – up to 1/16th inch, so a chip will result in revealing the base color. I say, steady – my concrete’s nakey!
This ‘blemish’ can either be disguised with a very careful and experienced application of additional stain and sealer, OR the chip can be filled back up to surface level and then be restained. Either way, it’s very important to have a professional take care of a chip in colored concrete for you, as an amateur job will show and will likely ruin the appearance of your gorgeous concrete countertops.
Give Stone Surface Specialists a call today at 801 856 0164 and we will have your chip feeling chipper again in a jiffy!