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How Do I Clean My Blinds? Part 3 – Microfiber

How Do I Clean My Blinds? Part 3 – Microfiber

July 25, 2017 Luci Carrillo Comments Off

How Do I Clean My Blinds? Part 3 – Microfiber


Blinds are fiddly things. Fiddly to open, fiddly to close – and downright fiddly to clean, especially in dry Park City and the Salt Lake Valley, where dust is rife. But have no fear! With our 4-part series, we’ll give you a top tip each week to clean your blinds with minimal expletives.


Microfiber cloth and salad tongs

Ahh microfiber, whatever did we do before you came along? I guess lint was just an everyday part of life, like creaky floorboards – a small irritation but you just have to put up with it. But not anymore, oh no – microfiber has saved us from lint-related woes. And it’s a miracle solution when cleaning blinds too, especially when paired with a trusty pair of salad tongs.



  • Adding moisture to blinds caked in dust can create a sort of ‘mud’ that’s incredibly difficult and frustrating to then remove. Instead, spray a clean microfiber cloth with plain water and park it between a pair of salad tongs, damp side down.
  • Working from the top down and in a side-to-side fashion, squeeze the tongs together and run along the length of the blind.
  • Every few slats, pause to reposition the cloth or turn it over and respray so you don’t end up wiping upstairs’ dust onto downstairs’ slats.


And hey presto, clean blinds in a jiffy, sans all chemicals!


If you discover while you’re fiddling about with the salad tongs that your windows really could do with a jolly good once-over at the same time, give the professionals at Stone Surface Specialists a call today at 801 856 0164. We’ll help you create the matching set of clean blinds and windows pronto.

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