How Do I Remove Carpet Stains From Muddy Cat Paws?

How Do I Remove Carpet Stains From Muddy Cat Paws?

Oh, the joys of cat ownership! Cuddles and loving, squinty eyes are lovely, but they don’t quite eliminate the irritation of finding a procession of conveniently-situated muddy pawprints tracked over your carpet. 

At Stone Surface Specialsits, we’ve been handling the unadvertised horrors of feline ownership for our clients for over thirty years. Here’s the lowdown on how to remove pesky pawprint stains from carpet:

1 Remove any dried mud carefully with a handheld vacuum. Be careful not to push the mud further into the carpet. 

2 Create a solution of one part plain white vinegar and two parts water. Spray liberally over the affected area.

3 Blot dry using clean paper towels.

If after employing this very complicated method you’re still struggling with pawprint stains, or if the stains are older and seem to be set in the carpet, call Stone Surface Specialists today at 801 856 0164. We’ll have your carpet set to rights in a jiffy.