How Do I Remove Cat Hair From My Sofa Couch?

How Do I Remove Cat Hair From My Sofa Couch?

Cats are lovely. If they’re litter-trained, have a nice disposition, and don’t spontaneously claw your face off in a fit of pique. But a big downside to having a feline in the family is, well, all that FUR. It may be hair-etical to complain about but that hair just gets EVERYWHERE – blankets, couches, carpets, bedding – not to mention frequently up one’s nose (very tickly).  

If your sofa is riddled with pokey little kitty hairs and you’re at your wit’s end trying to eradicate them, have no fear – Stone Surface Specialists are here! Follow our simple strategy for eliminating dog hair from couches in a jiffy:

1 Suck up any clumps of fur with a hand vacuum. It’s much easier to man-handle (or woman-handle, as the case may be #feminism) than a full-size vacuum and will help you easily reach into corners.

2 If your kitty has a favorite spot on the sofa, run a squeegee or damp rubber glove over the surface to collect the fur and then discard the resulting pile of fluff. 

3 If there are still stubborn cling-ons, use a sticky lint roller over the surface to remove the last vestiges of feline fluffitude. 

4 Consider investing in the dark arts of fur-maintenance (buy a special kitty furbrush). Regular use can remove loose hairs before they have a chance to float off and lie in wait of your nostrils.

If you’re still struggling to get a grip on in-grown hairs (in the couch, that is), give the carpet and fabric-cleaning professionals at Stone Surface Specialists a call. We have gotten to grips with feline fluffdom throughout the Salt Lake Valley and beyond, and will have your sofa restored to its former fibers in no time. Call us today at 801 856 0164.