How To Choose Countertops – Granite

So you’ve planned your kitchen layout, you know you want those gorgeous cabinets with the ultra-sleek handles – but now you have to choose a countertop and you’re stuck. How do you decide which countertop material will look most beautiful in your new kitchen and will work best with your lifestyle? In our easy 10-part guide, we’ll talk about the top countertop materials from the expert’s perspective, and help you decide which is right for you.

This week, we’re looking at the ever-popular granite.

Price: $20-$150 a square foot, depending on quality, source and uniqueness

Pros: Granite is a natural stone so it is durable and heat-resistant, and comes in endless color varieties and pattern variations. It’s relatively easy to care for.

Cons: Granite is porous, and so requires sealing by a professional immediately after installation to protect it from stains. After the initial sealing, granite should be resealed once a year to maintain its surface integrity.

How To Clean It: Immediately wipe up spills with a damp paper towel. Do a deeper clean with soapy water or a specialist stone cleaner.

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