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How To Remove Bird Poop Feces From Concrete

How To Remove Bird Poop Feces From Concrete

February 13, 2019 Luci Carrillo Comments Off

How To Remove Bird Poop Feces From Concrete

Has a cluster of errant pigeons seemingly targeted your beautiful concrete driveway? Bird poop can be very difficult to remove, but with a little bit of know-how (and at Stone Surface Specialists, we know how), you’ll be on your way to newly-sparkling concrete in no time.  

Step 1 – Hose the living daylights out of it

Wash off as much as you can with the force of the hose. This will save you a lot of effort later. 

Step 2 – Cover with liquid dish detergent

This is no time to be half-hearted – use the serious, chemical stuff here, not the lovely ‘softly-softly’ natural detergents. Cover the entire pooped area with detergent, then, using a natural-fibre scrub brush, start scrubbing the detergent ‘into’ the concrete. This will gradually loosen the poop and enable you to wash it away later.

Step 3 – Sawdust

Apply a large amount sawdust over the soapy surface of the concrete. Make sure you completely cover the stained area. The sawdust will absorb the water, soap, and bird poop. You could just rinse the soapy water from the concrete with your hose, but the sawdust will spare your grass and the environment by soaking up the ickytude. Allow the sawdust to sit and absorb the soapy water for about twenty minutes.

Step 4 – Clean Off the Concrete

After about twenty minutes, the sawdust should have soaked up the bulk of the water. If it’s still a little bit floaty, leave a little longer to allow it time to soak up more soapy water. Then simply sweep the sawdust into a dustpan and discard.

If you’re still struggling to remove stubborn bird poop stains, or if the above seems too daunting to attempt, give the experts at Stone Surface Specialists a call at 801 856 0164. We’ll have you de-pooped in a jiffy!

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