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What Makes Obsidian Stone Special?

What Makes Obsidian Stone Special?

July 25, 2019 Luci Carrillo Comments Off

What Makes Obsidian Stone Special?

Obsidian is a really cool form of naturally-occurring volcanic glass, formed as an extrusive igneous rock (a really fancypants term for lava that shoots out of a volcano and hardens to become rock outside the volcano. ‘In-‘, ‘ex-‘ – you get the picture). It manages to be both pitch black (usually, although it can also be brown or green) and translucent at the same time, so when you hold a piece up to the light, it comes alive inside, although not with the same clarity as a crystal-clear diamond.

Obsidian contains 70 percent or more of silicon dioxide (sparkly business) and is sometimes classified as a mineraloid, meaning it doesn’t have the true classifying crystalline structure of a mineral, but it’s close enough. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a piece of obsidian with colors other than the gorgeous black, you’ll know the different colors (black, brown or green) sometimes join in swirls of color. Trace elements can also result in blue, orange, red or yellow obsidian, and the surface can sometimes have a metallic sheen. Obsidian is chemically unstable, so white or gray crystals occasionally form on the interior. As a form of glass, obsidian shatters into pieces with sharp edges.

Obviously we don’t get many requests to clean obsidian windows, but I think the world is the poorer for that, honestly. However, obsidian or obsidian quartz countertops are becoming more of a thing, as people discover this gorgeous mineral(oid). 

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