Which Type of Concrete Color Should I Choose – Dry-Shake Color Hardener

Which Type of Concrete Color Should I Choose – Dry-Shake Color Hardener

So you want to color your concrete? Goody, we’re rolling up our sleeves as we speak! There are several different types of concrete colorant, each with different benefits. In our FREE five-part guide, Stone Surface Specialists will demystify the options for you. If you still have questions, give our experts a call at 801 856 0164 today.


Concrete Colorant #5: Dry-Shake Color Hardener

Dry-shake color hardener comes in a wider variety of hues than integral color, but tones are more muted than heavy-hitting dyes or water-based stains. If you’re looking for a gentle wash of color rather than a punch-you-in-the-nose vivid stain, this might be the option for you.

Dry-shake can only be used on new concrete, but it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It’s very fiddly to work with, since you have to spread it by hand, which is extremely messy and difficult to spread evenly. It’s also heavy on the elbow grease, since the color must be worked by hand-tool into the surface of the concrete. Also, since it’s a powder, there are inhalation hazards from the floating dust.

On the up-side, it does perform well, improving both the strength and density of the concrete surface. It’s also UV resistant so it won’t fade quickly in the sun.

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